This is a report on a strange event in Argentina.

Circles have been appearing there for a number of years. There is also a  history of a large number of reports of mysterious cattle mutilations in Argentina, not especially associated with circles. (for numerous case reports see - in Spanish only).

These phenomena came together in a first-hand report I received from Senora. X, the wife of a cattle rancher in Emepdrado, northern Argentina. Sna X is the  sister of a close friend of mine living in London. When I mentioned my interest in crop circles,  my friend said - my sister had one on her ranch. That is how I came to hear of the event.  I interviewed Sna. X personally when she came to London in September 2003. This is her statement:

In July 2001 one of her workers found a circle about 4 m diameter in a wild grassland area on the ranch, and a dead cow in the circle, The insides of the cow had been removed entirely, without incisions on the body apart from a neat symmetric cutout around the anus, seen in Photo 1.  

One quarter of the cow's face had been surgically removed, in a precise wedge, cut from the centre line of the face and the centre of the profile. Photo 2.  

The body lay untouched for a week before it was removed by government representatives and not heard of since. During that week the ranch workers noticed that the body was completely untouched by flies, or foxes, or other insects or animals, and showed no sign of decay. This is unheard of in this environment.

I would add that this is a remote farming area in Northern Argentina, where any strangers would have been noticed. None were seen by the rancher or his employees.

Sna X reported that she later discovered that two other circles appeared in the same area of Argentina, at the same time, approximately 80 miles apart, forming a triangle on the map.

She stated that the government representatives had told the local press not to report the event.

The body was examined by police and a police Veterinarian report was made, which I read.  It stated that all internal organs had been removed, the body was empty. The cutout of the head had been done surgically, with a pure slice made down the line of the head, through the bone. The vet could not explain how the removal of internal organs was achieved from the anus coring of the animal only,  nor the surgical precision of the cutout of the head.  

I emailed details of this incident to Nancy Talbott who sounded very interested, and called me from the US to ask about it. She emailed me about similar occurrences in California 1997, which had cattle mutilations over a period of 2 years. Anus cored, the body not approached by predators. The grass around the animal died shortly afterwards, leaving a clear circle around the carcass.

Cattle mutilations in Argentina :