I posted this on the Crop Circle Connector forum : Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:18 pm    Post subject: MENORAH Formation, May 1999

"This formation appeared at Barbury Castle in 1999. The makers display a very special knowledge of Judaism and in particular of the history of the Menorah. I invite forum readers (and especially the human makers if they are following this) to say what I am referring to. In order to retain secrecy in this 'quiz' and to be able to correctly attribute answers, I invite readers to use the private message facility to mail me [anonymously] with their comments. This is not just a quiz for amusement, it is a bit of serious research. "

I gave further hints: The special knowledge is displayed in the design of a detail of the menorah. It is not an obscure symbolism, it is specific detail.

My reason for asking the question was that when I showed the formation photo to a distinguished Oriental Studies academic, he was visibly  surprised at and perplexed by the special knowledge of the circle makers.  The makers display a high level of sophistication.  Most cerealogists assume this formation to be man-made.  If so, I invite the makers to anonymously 'claim credit' for their sophistication. 

To date, I have received no messages.  In 2005 I  pointed out the unusual detail to a well-known researcher, who replied that he already was aware  of it,  but that noone else had ever noticed it till then.



The absence of any replies from any sources would logically imply  one of the following

1. The makers don't visit the CCC forum.

2. They do visit the forum, but choose not to reply, or are prevented from replying.


Apart from the menorah formation, the scarab is very interesting, and has a complex ground lay.  It is visible in the CCC archives

but you will have to first register with CCC to view that.