Some circlemakers claim they can walk through crop without leaving traces.  If you aren't that skilful, or just don't believe it, this is one way to make designs in standing crop with no apparent centre points without walking through the crop.  And leave all hands free to get on with circlemaking.


















This is how.....









Equipment - 2 stakes, and rope,.

'Stakes' are thin metal rods about 4-5 ft long. you can find them in Garden Centres or make your own (rods 1.50 each at Homebase or builders merchants. Bend over the top to make a loop) You can thread cord through the loop and it's a useful handle to push the rod firmly into the earth.

'Rope' is nylon cord, 3-4mm thick. also from Homebase, Or  professional surveyors cord from a builders merchants.

Tie the radius rope in the centre of the main rope, attach it to the stakes - total time about 30 seconds - and you are away.  Noone has to stand around in the circle holding the rope.

For a tighter rope and faster fixing, push the stakes in at angle, leaning out, run the cord through the loops and stake ends down with a tent peg.  Packet of 10 tent pegs from Blacks, 5. 

This has been tested and works up to about 10 m radius. The stretch in the main rope will be about 2-3 inches which is negligible.

For  larger circle use 3 or 4 stakes as shown in next diagram.











2 people -  each walks down each tramline, each holding the ends of the pre-knotted ropes.

Fix the first 2 stakes in the left tramline, then tighten up at the third stake. The cross-bracing holds the centrepoint very firmly in place and will resist strong pulls on the radius rope.  This should all take 1-2 minutes, probably much faster than inching through crop.

You can attach a measuring tape to the end of the radius rope for further setting out.

As soon as the scriber reaches the other tramline both parties can give each other a big hug and get on with the formation.

To make a centreless spiral, just pay out the rope 1 ft  or so each stride.

You can figure out how to make large ellipses.     Clue - use 2 main ropes and 4 stakes. 

Have fun!







Suggestion for setting up a really firm centre in flattened crop,. Setting up 3 tent pegs should take less than 1 minute. Tent poles are collapsible, and lightweight. Avoids a lot of give-away trampling in the centre.