Questions to confront in the "man-made or not" debate.

Natural forces cannot account for complex formations. They are clearly made by an intelligence.  Because their origins are shrouded in mystery, the question is raised - are they made by human 'field artists', or simply deliberate hoaxers - or by a non-human agency?

My premise -

Begin with the assumption that all complex formations are man-made.

Then consider any evidence which may raise doubts.

Such as:

On the other hand.... formations outside the UK are generally very basic and crude. . Does this mean that UK circle makers are much more skilful? Or that ET likes to visit Britain most?

I take the liberty of quoting from Michael Glickman's site:

For me, Sacred Geometry is that which symbolises the bridge between Earth and Heaven, between the Manifest and the Unmanifest, between Matter and Spirit. Some crop formations are a conduit of transcendence and refer to this. Many more do not.


For a highly intelligent analysis of the entire phenomenon:  read Simeon Hein.

And listen to his interview on Youtube:

My thanks to 'peaceful' for leading me to this source.