Sugar Hill 2007

First analysis as suggested by "Diego", with centre hexagram added

Analysis superimposed on Lotus position. The centre of the formation is the 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra,

The Crown chakra is not part of the body and correctly floats over the outer circle.

Heart Chakra symbol.






Note that the 3 centre chakras (3,4,5) fit perfectly into the first red circle.






Note that the 12 petals on the chakra fit perfectly into the faces of the cubes...

And if you create a 24 petal ring, they fir into the 12 outer cubes.

Circle 2 which encloses the cubes runs through Chakra 2 - whose symbol is a hexagon - a cube outline





















Contrary to my expectations the six pointed star shape cannot be formed by the lines in the outer rings. These form instead 9 triangles (the top part of the red triangle) spaced at 4 point intervals, to make 36 points.  Numerically 36 = 6 times 6, or 9 times 4, which brings in the number 4, which refers to squares and cubes. A cube has 6 square faces.

The Heart symbol contains a cube.

The hexagon is intrinsic in the Flower of Life, which develops into the Egg of Life, which contains a hidden cube (amongst other things).

Combination with a form modelled on the, Flower of Life, with petals placed in the triangles