BIRD PEDIGREE (12 Generations)


Direct Line to Richard Fairfax Bird in red.



1.      Richard BYRDE b. __-___-1570, Neen Savage, Shropshire, occupation Yeoman farmer, m. 14-Nov-1598, Jane MEREDITH.  Richard died abt __-___-1635, buried 23-Mar-1635.  Details of Richard BYRDE uncertain – to be proved


             2.        i       Jone* BYRDE b. bef 25-Oct-1601.

             3.        ii      Jane* BYRDE b. bef 30-Jan-1603.

             4.        iii     Katheren* BYRDE #1 b. bef 17-Mar-1605, d. bef  1-Jan-1612.

             5.        iv     Anne* BYRDE b. bef 15-Mar-1607.

             6.        v      Elizabeth* BYRDE b. bef 21-May-1609.

             7.        vi     Katheren* BYRDE #2 b. bef  1-Jan-1612.

         +  8.        vii    Thomas BYRDE b. bef  2-Feb-1615.


8.      Thomas BYRDE b. bef  2-Feb-1615, m. Anne w/o BYRDE, buried 21-Mar-1668, Neen Savage, Shropshire.  Thomas buried 11-Apr-1695, Neen Savage, Shropshire.

         Anne: Could be Ann BIRCHE who married Thomas BIRD at Sheriffhales, Salop on 6-Jun-1637.


         +  9.        i       Richard BIRD or BYRD b. 22-Jul-1640.

             10.      ii      Anne BYRDE b. bef 16-Feb-1645.  Could be Anne BIRD b. abt 1642 at Neen Savage according to her spouse James GROVE (IGI).

             11.      iii     William BYRDE b. bef 30-Jan-1654.

             12.      iv     Susannah BYRDE b. bef 6-Nov-1660.


9.      Richard BIRD or BYRD b. 22-Jul-1640, Neen Savage, Shropshire, m. Elizabeth LACON, b. bef 14-Nov-1648, d. 4-Jun-1709.  According to the 'Pedigree of Bird of Drybridge House' compiled by Charles John Gwynne Bird (printed in Hereford, January 1903) and the entry under 'BIRD of Drybridge House' in Burke's Landed Gentry (1935 edition): "RICHARD BIRD Esq, b.1640, lived in Shropshire, in which county he is reported to have possessed a good estate which he devised in equal parts to all his children (four sons and four daughters) except his youngest son.  He claimed descent from the BIRDS or BYRDES of Broxton, Cheshire."

         Elizabeth: Daughter of Francis LACON, granddaughte of Sir Francis LACON, Bt, of Kinlet Hall, Shropshire.


             13.      i       Thomas BIRD b. bef 20-Aug-1668.

             14.      ii      Elizabeth BIRD b. bef 24-Feb-1669.  IGI 1994 gives christening date as 24-Feb-1670.

             15.      iii     Anne BIRD b. bef 31-Jan-1672.

             16.      iv     Richard BIRD b. bef 20-Jul-1674.  IGI records another Richard BIRD, son of Richard and Elizabeth, christened on 24-Feb-1793 at Neen Savage.  He had six sisters, Joice (chr 1796), Frances (chr 1799), Mary (chr 1803), Elizabeth (chr 1805), Rebecca (chr 1808) & Sarah (chr 1811) – all christened at Neen Savage.

             17.      v      Catharine BIRD b. bef 21-Aug-1676.

             18.      vi     Abel BIRD b. bef 19-Apr-1680.

         +  19.      vii    Benjamin BIRD b. 18-Apr-1682.

             20.      viii   Margaret BIRD b. bef 30-May-1684.

             21.      ix     John BIRD b. bef 15-Aug-1686.

         +  22.      x      Cornelius BIRD b. bef  8-Jan-1689.


Fourth Generation

19.    Benjamin BIRD b. 18-Apr-1682, Hunt House, ____, Shropshire, m. (1) ___? SELBY or SMITH, m. (2) __-Dec-1732, in Sutton, Herefordshire, Jane GWYNNE, b. abt __-___-1686, Cynghordy Castle, Carmarthenshire, (daughter of Thomas GWYNNE and Mary BAILEY) d. 19-Dec-1774, buried Bullingham Church, Hereford.  Benjamin died 10-Jun-1752, Hereford, Herefordshire?,  Drybridge House, Hereford.  Benjamin Bird of Hunt House, Shropshire (Neen Savage?) was the first of his family to own Drybridge House in Hereford, which he rebuilt in 1742 by enlarging and modernising the original stone farmhouse.  He was a Freeman of the City of Hereford. Marriage settlement dated 29-Oct-1735. Will dated 15-Jul-1748 is in Court of Probate at Hereford. CJGB's note:  'On 3/6/24 I visited Mr Gwynne James, Diocesan Registrar, and he sent his clerk with me to the Cathedral where we visited the archives over the porch.  On folio 21 of the Marriage Register of Licences for 1731 to 1748 are the names of Benjamin Bird and Jane Gwynne.  We found the marriage bond signed in December 1732 which authorised "Benjamin Bird, widower aged about 50 years, of St Martins" (and) "Jane Gwynne aged about 30, maiden" of Sutton St Nicholas to marry at Sutton St Nicholas.  There was no entry of the marriage in the transcripts. Record of birth submitted to IGI by LDS church member -- Film 442585/Ord49288 Temple Idaho Falls.  Concurs with BIRD family records.

         .........? [Selby or Smith]: 'of Crockey Hill'.  Crockey Hill is a village just south of the city of York.

         Jane: If born c.1686, she was not christened until aged 13, and would have been 47 years old when her first child William was born and 55 by the time her last known child (Catherine) was born.  Even if 1686 is a mistaken reading of 1696, she would have been bearing children from the age of 37 to 45 –- very unusual for the era in which she lived.  Perhaps this Jane is the wrong generation? In June 1924 CJGB examined the marriage bond signed in December 1732 which described Benjamin Bird as about 50 and Jane Gwynne as about 30 (ie, b.1702).


             23.      i       Benjamin BIRD b. __-___-1708, Drybridge House, Hereford, occupation Maltster/Customs Officer, m. __-___-1735, Anne FOWLE, b. Bristol, W.England.  Benjamin died 12-Mar-1770, Bristol, W.England, buried 6-Apr-1770, Bristol, W.England.  Second Bird owner of Drybridge 1752-1770.  Served his time to a barber, then set up as a maltster; later employed in the Custom House at Bristol. Benjamin and his wife Anne (daughter of Joseph Fowle of Bristol)  had no children, so on his death the estate passed to his half-brother William.

             24.      ii      Samuel BIRD b. __-___-1710, d. __-___-17__.  Student at Brasenose College, Oxford.  Matriculated 11-Jun-1729 (aged 19). Died unmarried, at 'The Dog' Inn when just about to be ordained (CJGB).

             25.      iii     Elizabeth BIRD b. __-___-1712, Drybridge House, Hereford, m. John HARRISON, b. Horncastle, Lincolnshire, occupation Excise Officer,  Horncastle, Lincolnshire.  Elizabeth Bird and John Harrison had five children.

             26.      iv     Anne BIRD b. abt __-___-1714, Drybridge House, Hereford, m. ___? LLOYD, b. Ingerton.  Anne and her husband had two children, Samuel and Anne (who married a soldier).

             27.      v      Hannah BIRD b. abt __-___-1716, Drybridge House, Hereford.  'Hannah' may be the same person as Anne [#80 in RDW's records].

             28.      vi     Richard BIRD b. bef 1732.

         +  29.      vii    William BIRD JP,Alderman. b. 7-Nov-1733.

         +  30.      viii   Maria BIRD b. 17-Dec-1733.

             31.      ix     Susannah Jane BIRD b. 7-Mar-1739, Drybridge House, Hereford, d. bef ---___-1796.  Susannah married Captain FURY, an officer in the Army; he died shortly after. She married secondly ..... HOWARD; she died in childbed, but the child lived.

             32.      x      Richard BIRD b. __-___-1740, d. 7-Jan-1740, buried 18-Jan-1740.

             33.      xi     Mary BIRD b. 24-Dec-1741, d. bef ---___-1796.  Mary married ____ HOWARD, of the Plate Office, no issue.  She married secondly ....... 'who left her, & she used not his name'.  [BIRD book]

             34.      xii    Catherine BIRD b. 24-Dec-1741, Drybridge House, Hereford, d. aft __-___-1796.  Catherine (Mary's twin) married .... ROUSE of Gate St, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Issue: a son (d. in infancy) and daughter Sarah who went to America (she m. .... WILDE, who died.  Catherine married secondly .... SHELDON, by whom she had twins who died in infancy.  He left her, and she married thirdly .... WEBB who had a wife living at the time.  [CJGB's note: "Catherine does not seem to have been particularly fortunate in her husbands".]


29.    William BIRD JP,Alderman. b. 7-Nov-1733, Drybridge House, Hereford, died of Stroke, occupation Solicitor, m. 15-Dec-1757, in Feckenham, Worcestershire, Hannah BOULTON, b. 27-May-1739, Sillens, Feckenham, Worcestershire, (daughter of William BOULTON and Abigail PEPTOE) d. 6-Jun-1812, buried 13-Jun-1812, Upper Bullingham.  William died 15-Aug-1795, buried 19-Aug-1795, Upper Bullingham Churchyard,  Drybridge House, Hereford.  Third Bird owner of Drybridge 1770-1795.  Mayor of Hereford 1773. Admitted a Freeman of Hereford 29-Jan-1761; entered into clerkship with William Bund (attorney) of Worcester 9-Feb-1749; admitted a solicitor in High Court of Chancery 1-Jun-1756 and in Court of Common Pleas 11-Feb-1792. (CJGB's records).  His will proved Sep-1795, Prerogative Court of Canterbury (entry 535).

         Hannah: Eldest daughter and co-heiress of William BOULTON of Sillens, Feckenham, Worcestershire, and his wife Abigail PEPTOE.


             38.      i       William BIRD b. 12-May-1759, Drybridge House, Hereford, died of Cholera, occupation HEICS, d. 14-Feb-1784, Jafnapatam, Ceylon.  Was appointed 2nd Lieut. in HEIC Army (Hon.E.India Coy's Army) 12-Mar-1777. Sailed for India (Bombay) on 13-Jul-1777.  Quitted the Army and was 'some few years in the sea service'.  Became ill (cholera) while in command of the ketch 'Dragon' on a voyage to Ceylon, and was taken ashore at Jafnapatam, a Dutch settlement on that island, where he died between 9 and 10am on 14-Feb-1784 and was buried by the Dutch Governor.  Unmarried.  [From CJB's notebook/CJGB]

             39.      ii      Abigail Jane BIRD b. 29-Oct-1760, Drybridge House, Hereford, d. 14-Apr-1819, Mordiford, Herefordshire, buried 20-Apr-1819, Upper Bullingham Churchyard.  "My dear sister had been much inconvenienc'd for some years past with an Ast[h]matic affection at night and symptoms of a determination of the blood towards the head ... but her general state of health was such as not to interfere with her full enjoyment of air, & exercise & a good appetite." – extract from account of her death and funeral written by her brother CJB.

         +  40.      iii     Anne BIRD b. 8-Jan-1762.

             41.      iv     Benjamin BIRD b. 25-Dec-1762, died of [lived 5 hours], d. 25-Dec-1762, buried Bullingham Church, Hereford.

             42.      v      Richard Boulton BIRD b. 7-Apr-1764, d. 13-Jun-1768, buried Bullingham Church, Hereford.

             43.      vi     Benjamin Gwynne BIRD b. 7-Apr-1764, died of [lived 5 weeks], d. 12-May-1764, buried Bullingham Church, Hereford.

         +  44.      vii    Catherine BIRD b. 22-Aug-1765.

             45.      viii   Hannah BIRD b. 28-Oct-1766, d. 12-Dec-1768, buried Bullingham Church, Hereford.

             46.      ix     Elizabeth BIRD b. 17-Aug-1768, d. 27-Dec-1846, buried 2-Jan-1847, St Martins Churchyard, Hereford.  Died at Panson/Pauson?

             47.      x      James BIRD b. 22-Jan-1771, died of 'a decline', d. 31-Aug-1798, Hereford, Herefordshire.  Student at Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Died unmarried.  Fourth Bird owner of Drybridge 1795-1798.

             48.      xi     Thomas BIRD b. 2-Mar-1772, m. 7-Oct-1798, Hannah Maria PHILLIPS, b. __-___-1778, (daughter of Edward PHILLIPS, Revd and Anne BOULTON) d. 17-Oct-1825, buried Hereford Cathedral, Hereford.  Thomas died 5-Mar-1836, buried Hereford Cathedral, Hereford.  'FAS, a Deputy Lieutenant, Clerk of the Peace, and Provincial Grand Master of Free Masons for (Herefordshire)' - from gravestone in south transept of Hereford Cathedral.  Sworn in as Clerk of the Peace for Co.Hereford on 6-Dec-1817 (Earl Somers was Lord Lieutenant).  Fifth Bird owner of Drybridge ('the property by the river and fields beyond') 1798-1836.  Henry Bird (#1217 in RDW's records) wrote that 'he lost

                               Hannah: Hannah Phillips was Thomas Bird's cousin.  A letter written by Dr Henry Bird records that she had a sister, Mrs Williamson, who was married twice and was left with one son.  She married again, a Mr Williams, and by him had a daughter Pauline (born at Drybridge).

         +  49.      xii    Harriet BIRD b. 19-Dec-1773.

             50.      xiii   Marianne BIRD b. 28-Jun-1775, died of 'a decline', m. 28-Jun-1802, in St Martins, Hereford, Herefordshire, Charles BETTON,  Lived at Overton, Ludlow.  Marianne died 15-Oct-1803, King Street.

         +  51.      xiv   Charles John BIRD MA,JP,DL,FAS b. 11-Jul-1777.

         +  52.      xv    George Gwynne BIRD b. 19-Aug-1779.




52.    George Gwynne BIRD b. 19-Aug-1779, Drybridge House, Hereford, occupation Doctor (MD), m. 23-Apr-1802, in St James's, Paddington, Elizabeth PRIEST, b. __-___-1779, d. 1-Jan-1833.  Formerly of Crickhowell, Powys, South Wales, George died 25-May-1863, Bowmanville, Upper Canada.  All the names of G G Bird's children to be found in Vol.2, Herefordiana, pages 380-392, by late Thos. Bird Esq – the manuscript of which is in the Free Library at Hereford.'  (Margin note in BIRD Book.).
















         +  86.      i       George Gwynne BIRD MD,FRCS,JP b. 1-Jan-1803.

             87.      ii      Mary Anne BIRD b. 14-Nov-1805, m. (1) in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Charles William Tasker BIRD, b. 10-Feb-1804, Drybridge House, Hereford, (son of Charles John BIRD MA,JP,DL,FAS and Harriet JONES) occupation BA, Curate of Aberedw, d. 20-Feb-1836, Pontshony, Radnorshire, m. (2) 2-Sep-1841, in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Daniel LAWRENCE, b. __-___-1783, occupation Admiral, d. __-___-1854,  Duffryn.  Mary died 18-Sep-1878.  No issue.


Charles: CJGB's records also state elsewhere, 'baptised 6-Jun-1804 by Rev.Geo.Ogle'. IGI records that Charles & Mary Anne Bird married in St Martins, Hereford on 6-Aug-1829.  Note: third name could be Parker, not Tasker.


         +  88.      iii     William Williams BIRD b. 25-Aug-1807.

         +  89.      iv     Julia Maria BIRD b. 24-Feb-1809.

         +  90.      v      Henry BIRD MD b. 12-Sep-1811.

             91.      vi     Charles BIRD b. 2-Jan-1813, m. Harriet SUTTON.

         +  92.      vii    Thomas BIRD b. 2-Jan-1813.

         +  93.      viii   Benjamin Bolton BIRD b. 30-Nov-1816.

             94.      ix     Richard Bolton BIRD b. 9-Mar-1821.  Married, but no issue.

             95.      x      Jane Abigail BIRD b. 13-Sep-1822, d. 21-Nov-1823.

         +  96.      xi     Elizabeth BIRD b. 29-Jul-1823.



88.    William Williams BIRD b. 25-Aug-1807, Crickhowell, Powys, South Wales, m. 7-May-1835, in Callow, Herefordshire, Anne Elizabeth PARKER b. bef  7-Oct-1810, St Martins, Hereford, Herefordshire, (daughter of James PARKER and Ann w/o PARKER d. __-Feb-1882.  William died 16-Oct-1859, buried St Martins Churchyard, Hereford,  Wyeland House, Hereford.


         +  126.    i       Thomas William BIRD b. 30-Mar-1836.

             127.    ii      William Parker BIRD b. abt __-___-1842.

             128.    iii     George Daniel BIRD b. abt __-___-1845.

             129.    iv     Lucy BIRD b. abt __-___-1849.  Probably the Alice E BIRD shown as unmarried, aged 32, a governess, living with her mother at Park Buildings, Lambeth in the 1881 census.

         +  130.    v      Henry Gwynne BIRD b. abt __-___-1850.

             131.    vi     Charles Boulton BIRD b. abt __-___-1854.



126.  Thomas William BIRD b. 30-Mar-1836, m. 23-May-1863, in Llanelly, Eliza DUNANT d. 17-Jan-1890.

         Eliza: Daughter of William DUNANT of Llanelly
























Thomas William Bird                                               Believed to be Eliza Dunant




         +  169.    i       Frank Alfred BIRD b. 10-Feb-1875..



169.  Frank Alfred BIRD b. 10-Feb-1875, m. Annie PUGH of Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire 26-Dec-1875 in Newport on 11-Aug-1894.  Frank died 20-Jul-1926,  Newport, Monmouthshire.



xxx.  Frederick Alfred BIRD b. 23-Mar-1896  m. Myrtle E. Harvey.  Joined up 4.8.1914 1st Monmouthshire regiment, rose to rank of Lance Corporal,sailed for France 14 Sep 1939; served 5 years, wounded 3 times.

xxx.  Mary Beatrice Ellen BIRD (Nellie) b. 32-Jan-1898 m. Eddie Nott 26-Dec-1920

xxx.  Florence May BIRD b. 23-Jul-1899 (not 1900 as photo) m. Job Harvey 9-Nov-1924

xxx.  Alice Esther BIRD b. 18-Jul-1901 m. Daniel Thomas 26-Dec-1922

xxx.   Hilda Annie BIRD b. 17-Apr-1906 m. William Eynon 14-Jul-1926

 +  203.    i       Granville William BIRD b. 4-Aug-1908. Newport  d....

xxx.  Thomas Charles Baden BIRD b. 21-Mar-1911 m. Flo Gettings 21-Apr-1935  d. 6-Oct-1993

xxx.  Edward Frank BIRD b. 18-Jan-1917 Joined Royal Engineers 1936 Staff Sergeant.Sailed for France 15 Sep 1939.m. Doreen ... 1945. d..?

xxx.  Joan BIRD 18-Aug-1919  m. Frederick Dudley Robinson 17-Jul-1941  d. 4-Jun-1994



203.  Granville William BIRD b. 4-Aug-1908, m. Leah Phyllis FAIRFAX of Newport b. 30-Nov-1912.... (information missing)



             227.           Richard Fairfax BIRD b 1946


227.   Richard Fairfax BIRD  b. 1946 occupation Architect, MA, Cantab., m. 6-Mar-1976, in Kensington, London, Orna LEVIN b. 21-Sep-1946 of Haifa, Israel.


                               Tania Leah Fairfax BIRD b. 1979 St Charlottes Hospital Hammersmith London

                               Lliana Rebecca BIRD b. 1981 West London Hospital Hammersmith London