Avebury Waden Hill, June 2003 (visited early July 2003)

See also CCC archives http://www.cropcircle.tv/archives/2003/wadenhill/waden2003a.html

The basic unit is a small circle (as at the centre). The main circle diameter is 5 units. A 6th unit is implied in the large circle at bottom which extends outside the main circle.  The bounding lines of the fan form an angle of 155 deg.  The lines locate the intersection points of two overlapping pentagons (red and brown). A third pentagon (blue) is formed around the centre circle. 

My intuitive reaction to this formation was to imagine the reverberations of a Chinese gong, emanating from the point G.   Reference can be made to the pentatonic music scale, in which case the very centre of the main circle would be F sharp.

The overall design, and the geometry, has obvious connection with the Uffington Castle formation July 2006.

The crop nodal bending in this formation was remarkable. See video.