Uffington Castle July 2006

Analysis from aerial photo, adjusted in Photoshop. Small inaccuracies are expected.

Angle of bounding lines of the fan = 138 deg. Diameter of main circle =150. Spacing of two small circles = 98.5 (approx 100) Thus main circle = 6 units, spacing = 4 units.

The intersections of the bounding lines with the main circle mark the point of a pentagon (green). This is comparable with the pentagons inscribed in the Avebury Waden Hill formation June 2003.  The 6 unit division is also comparable. Of course the angles of the lines could have another explanation in terms of numerology, or of the human body and/or consciousness.  The angle of 138 deg would mean the angle of each line is 21 deg to the horizontal.



The circle may also viewed as the interplay between two dualitiesOne: The straight rays which radiate from the lower circle, Two: the circular 'waves' which originate from the upper circle. Reference can be made to the multitude of dualities such as male-female, earthly-spiritual, even wave-particle duality.

In Chakra theory, the formation resonates with the image of the Crown chakra which is the point of communication with cosmic energy.. Note that the emanating rays in the formation appear to originate from a point slightly higher than the centre point of the laid circle.


Quote from CCC forum (Wiz-oz) "If the formation is man-made, then I believe it doesn't matter. They're all a creative process from the right side of the brain and tapping into some form of consciousness, so in a sense once you engage with the phenomenon, you become an 'agent' of it - whatever the motivation."