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Richard Bird was educated in South Wales, and then at Cambridge. After working for Sir Leslie Martin in Cambridge he moved to London. Short detours from the mainstream included an urban planning project in Saudi Arabia, and teaching architecture at Harvard. He set up his architectural practice in Notting Hill in 1984.

His architectural practice was one of the first in the UK to adopt computers for drawing (CAD). He wrote a book The Guide to CAD on the Mac and later founded the Macintosh CAD User Association which helped set up many other practices in CAD.

In 1990 he founded UNIPASS, a company set up to develop an in-car congestion charging system, which would also provide for parking payment in cities. This proved to be a few years ahead of its time... well who thought Ken Livingstone would get in...

In 2003 he opened the Bluejay Jazz Lounge in London to fill up his spare time; Ronnie Scott's has survived the competition.

To while away idle hours he plays guitar, cycles, rides his Harley, skis, puzzles over crop circles, radiates love and peace, tastes wines, and has been known to cook a passable meal.

The Bird daughters are making their way in the world. Tania Bird is a zoologist. Lliana is a radio presenter and theatre producer. And ex-Mrs Bird does beautiful ceramics.

The Bird Family line has been traced back to Shropshire in 1570 by an energetic cousin.  Descendants are all over the world.  Get in touch!

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